Suzanna (3x)

Vrs. 1
I can't for get the times we shared
Times we shared
My body, my mind, my soul won't let go
'Coz the way you showed me
Who could've blame me
How was I 2 know
I hold you close &
Never let you go
Feelings over flow
& I know
I found my way back 2 you

Suzanna, I have been wanting you so long
This kind of love that can't be wrong
Suzanna, I need you more & more
This love will last for-ever more

Vrs. 2
Spending nites just thinking of you
Just thinking of you &
Living w/out your love
Is a hardest thing
If I ever had 2

I can't seem 2 forget all the memories (all the memories)
Pictures of your face keep haunting me
I fell n love the way you suppose 2 b
When I held you n my arms

(Repeat. Chrs. 2x)

Yeah yeah.....................whoa whoa.............

(Repeat. Chrs. 'Til fade)

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