Come a little closer with your
thoughts of an insurrection,
A little black mark in the book of your life
could bring a change of your affection,
Got an one track mind, it's a sign of the times,
find a whole new revelation,
Prime time, any time, pay the bailiff for your crime,
Don't lose your concentration,

No, No,No, I don't want to be crucified

Got a heavy cross to bear when there's salt in your lacerations
At least when I die I can look 'em in the eye,
see them off to eternel damnation,
See the bloodstained curtains in the temple of love
Where the true is a state of your mind,
Kneel down, kiss the ground,
better never make a sound
How can they see when they're so damn blind ?

Can you believe in something
Not fit for their consumption ?
Hold on strong to the end
Use the force in the back of your mind
I can't accept what they say
I choose to go my own way
I don't want to be crucified

Flying high, sanctify, living a lie
by the hand of intoxication,
Under attack, see the scars on my back,
think it's time for a needed vacation

No, No,No, I don't want to be crucified

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