My baby's gone and I'm the lonely one
On top of that, it's looks like I'm going bald

My friends are two faced, and my money's gone
I got a ticket when my car broke down
A rainy day, now, what else could go wrong?

Now who's the judge?
What is my crime?
Ain't no sentences, but I'm still doing time.

Cuz misery
misery loves company
Cuz misery, Misery
Misery loves company

Cold and angry like a dog on the street
I get raw deal, everyone I meet
All I want is someone lovin' and a little respect,
that's all

The poor get nothing while the rich get fat
Start living good, the I.R.S. takes that
I kinda wonder if there's so really any good
at all, at all


So what is like to have a smile?
I'd like to have one, but it's not my style.

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