Funeral destiny
Taking us along to her dirty flail
Mental terror you're blinding us, same as crystal shine
And like the dust by the mistral you carry our minds

Mortal melody
Your sordid and deafening
Hoodoo is sinking us In the middle of the time, with no purpose no pity
As a killer devoid of feeling

Crossing the icon of dreams
Meeting the escaped from life
Our hearts are R.I.P
Sorrow into sarcophagus
A cold fire who eclipse us
(In the pain) From heat blue as dream

Silent uproar you send us Intolerantly, in loss of hell

Tears of hurting truth
Substituted for our own shadows, joking from our clums(iness)
Without remorse your persecuted us In train of death

Crossing the dawn of mistakes
I'm dying on ignorance
And suffering just like a dream
Just like a dream

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