Margarida has a strange appeal
Sways between suitors on a broken heel
Of course her desires they always mistook
She'd rather've been scarred than be scarred with loathe

In conversation she often contends
Costumes build customs that involve dead ends
She found her courage in a change of scene
This Sunday's social would be short its queen

All her best years spent distracted
By these tired reenactments
With the right step she'll try her chances
Somewhere else

There he is a step outside her view
Reciting the words he hoped she might pursue
Night upon night a faithful light at shore
If he'd only convince his legs across the floor

Please, don't watch me dancing
Oh no, don't watch me dancing

Something changes when she glances
Enough to teach you what romance is
With the right step they try their chances
Somewhere else

Please, don't watch me dancing
Don't watch me dancing

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