I get this feeling as you walk away,
A million hearts will break in two,
But they don´t know the games that you can play,
So they will always follow you.

Everytime you move, everybody grooves,
I can´t help thinking it´s alright (alright).
You just gotta walk, see the people talk,
I like to watch you party.

Cause everybody wants ya,
When everybody sees ya,
The world is full of dreamers,
But i´m a great beliver,
I´m no fool, cause I got you.

I see the way you act like you don´t know,
There´s something bout your attitude,
And it don´t matter how far you go,
Cause I´m the one who´s going home with you.

You just gotta bump, see the people jump,
I can´t help thinking it´s alright (alright).
When you do your thing, everybody swing,
they like to watch you party.


I just wind you up and let you go.
And I watch you in wonder,
To see the look upon your face,
I´d say you already know.

[Chorus to end]

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