This Is A War
Politicians for the hollow people, try to fill them with pills and needles
narcisstic fake correction, after judging the next injection
infest, ivasion, martyrs, heretics, lies, crucifixions, stonings and ethics
religious and fascists around the zodiac, payed by the poor for more crabs and crack
deface the world´s defective space, say educate and ejaculate
This shit we call the human race, smell your flesh, taste your decay
as long as you remember your name
We will fall in the blackest void, a battlefield full of little boys
maybe perversion saves the end, we sell our souls with no repent
we´re the wheels in the death machine
we´re just models without faces in a world so clean
there´s only lies in our descent, we lose the war with no defense
porno children young and delicious, so full of unfilled sexual wishes
callboys for the family daddies, some like it facial, some interracial
talkshows for the hard worn nation, talking about morals and masturbation
it´s public suicide, to say that TV has ever lied
I can´t see what I´m fighting for, can´t believe that I will find an end
I can´t see what I´m dying for, God release me just this time
I died last night shot from behind
I died last night, haven´t seen the signs
I died last night shot from behind
I have to fight but I died last night
In silence we pray, break down on our knees
but what if we fail, we´ll never be free
In silence we pray, in humility
but what if we fail, we´ll never be free
This is a war
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish
but have everlasting DEATH

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