My baby's gone and died on me.
She's gone but I'm not free.
Now I know just how much I loved her.
Now I just sit there and cry

Oh, yes she's gone,
Oh, yes she's gone
To that land of no return.
Got to roam, just got to travel.

Any place, any old how.
Faraway to distant places
Try to forget, forget it somehow.
Oh yes, she's gone

Oh yes, she's gone
But my baby I don't know where I'm going.
Got to go back, go back sometime,
That's where I'll stay, that's where I'll die

Got to go back, go back sometime
That's where you lay, that's where I'll die
That's where I'll go.
That's where I'll go

Oh, my precious love, that's where I'll go.

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