If you want somebody to look after you
And you're tired of livin' alone the way that you've been, yeah
Don't you worry, don't be shy, call me up and come on by
Just walk, walk on, walk on in

I said if you need a shoulder you can lean on, yeah
Someone to stand by you through thick and thin
Now, you just point your feet in my direction
They will know where to go
And they will walk, walk on, walk on in

I said now once you get to movin', movin'
Nothin' hurts you quite so bad
And your spirit gets to groovin', groovin'
And your heart's starts to feelin' glad
And you're thankful for all you have

So if you feel the need for someone to be with, oh yeah
To deny it would surely, surely be a sin
Sometimes all you need, all you need
Is a place where you can go
You can just walk, walk on, walk on in

Every day now, baby, you can walk, walk on, walk on in
Don't you let nobody turn you away
Walk on, walk on, walk on in
Listen to me baby, now, w-w-walk on in

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