Too receptive hearts, extorted
The walls of horror built around
and the cold eyes of icons
whose sights are as dreadful
as all the demons from the depths of this age.

The sign of the cross
Satisfaction of crucifixion -
a nightmare upon the shoulders of mankind,
choking a little spark of Spirit
in the name of the highest Truth.

A slight suggestion of laughter
signyfying your condemnation.
Sacrifice of love to worship
the Unseen, the Unknown one.

Stiff beauty of science gives life to the swelling fear
in which the dramas of everyday fights are mirrored.
The awful splendour and lust of the material values
are growing and blooming along with fear,
the fear that´s sown by a pious hand in a groove of the years.
It´s not just a sleep a moment before awakening
but death with a malicious grin....
.....a whiteness never before seen.

The fear has blinded their lives
the Sin has become a part of their breaths.
The rise of misery has begun
when the suffocation of souls has been done.
That was the age of angels.....

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