Another senseless night
Following ice and ice
Trying to lose lucidity
To preserve the little life left within me
I, the wanderer among all places forbidden
A pilgrim born from the pits of humanity
Yet something has risen from the shapeless multitude
I see the light but so many faith are built upon treachery
To become a whore amidst the highest
Sublimate by boreness: apostles of the night
High speed away backward
Cocaine Champagne and pain
Another church of the soulless
Another sanctuary for the envious
Here I dare like a puppet
But the truth is I pull your strings
God among pantomimes
You'd sell your soul for one night of mine
Gloomy after in the penthouse
Crying and marble
Bukkake is the face of the child
Someone bleeds in the pool
Someone pulls in my blood
So, this is it finally?
Where shapes and sounds get lost?
The luxurious side of the void
Take my wrist for my nose won't take more
Such pain in my wake
Byt my eyes see now
Nothing matters
Going ever lower and lower
No but a pale shadow wandering
Till the last string is cut
And the last line is said
Shredding my place to eternity

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