How many days have you lived that you can't remember anything about
How many conversations have you had that you could do without
How many times have you been sad and no one knows
Maybe what they say is true we all end up alone

I wanna believe that none of this is true
I wanna believe like I do when I'm with you
You give me change of scenery when I don't like the view
I wanna believe like I do when I'm with you

There's not too many people to look up to in this world
I had to find out for myself it's hard to be a girl
It's just small minds and money that constitute this game
They dictate what is beautiful and that's a goddamn shame.


The world is turning so fast
I wonder how I'm gonna last
Because I'm fading away

All of this injustice and no one can keep track
You can never let your guard down baby always watch your back
There's so much in this life that I will never understand
And nothing ever turns out like you planned


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