I can't believe we made it out alive
The money leaves a paper trail of lies....

We want all that we cannot have
Baby, we're priceless
Cover our eyes with dollar signs
Until we're blinded

I just don't know what i would do without you
You just don't know what you would do without me

I wanna feel your body pressed up on me
But i fear that we've become untouchables
I need to feel your body pressed up on me
Don't say that we've become untouchables
We won't make it alone
We've got no where to go
Cos we are all that we know
Breathing you is like coming home

How do we know if we are still alive?
When we've covered our eyes...

Tell me what to do
Tell me who to be...

I just don't know who i would be without... you
At my side
She's at home
She can be anyone that she wants
I won't hide my disguise
I'm just happy to be by her side

I'll be yours
Every night
Girl, you don't know what you're doing to me...

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