Nobody ever really loved loved loved loved
Me me me me me me me me.

She say she gotta do her nails and condition her hair
Find a pair of shoes and a fittin' brazier
Slick shorty describe her description it's fair
but say no other chick in this world can compare
and no other nigga got permission to stare
I say I never listen, never mention I care
when they gone I never miss 'em, never dis 'em a tear
'cuz other women to fill that position is there
it's the same game just a different affair
different dame, different name, different distance from here
she say well things gonna change, now her mission is clear
let her get off the phone and get off to homes
she knock on the door, its business from there
start, strippin her gear and switchin' her rear
im not flinchin, carties on my vision impaired
and enough ice, to condition the air
now the boy got game and the girl got hurt
the boy got brains and the girl got worth
'cuz the boy got fame do whatever he say
now the boy get paged like every other day.

(nobody ever really loved me)
this is just the birds and the bees
the hers an the hes
the his the ma'ams the sirs and the shes
c'mon, c'mon
and u know this man (and if somebody ever loved me…)

she say she gotta get him dressed and hit him with rules
feed 'em breakfast and send 'em to school
she say she need a rest her mind she finna lose
I tell her recline ke' and just keep cool
She sic to her area her she fixen to move
in psychical fitness her own business
can I get a whiteness, this chick is a jewel
and she tired of the things that I'm sendin' her through
she say when I'm gon see u and don't say whenever, you
know I wont leave u but wont wait forever and
got my own paper and don't take ya cheddar
and no im not finish I wont take the check
and I say chill you my winner from the door so
step for set and dinner and a show
she say I be wearin blue in the worst way
don't wear your chain, just the watch I bought for your birthday
boy on the town and older woman down coz
boy make her laugh when older woman sad
and older woman freak and he hold her 'til she sleep
and he gotta send her flowers like every other week


she say she get off work at a quarter to nine
so don't be late stop ignoring the time
unless you got something more important in mind
like filing wit them whores I'm filing for divorce
I'll see yo ass in court just send me child support she
wanna get married and child wanna carry
my child, her smile, my ears in her belly
she even got Fias-wife typed in her cellie
she been there from the start she there from the heart
from the walk, to the bike, to the bus, to the cars
The flights and the kites the lonely lonely nights
from please leave on the lights when she was scared of the dark
and she got the pin if I ever hit the pen
I gotcha baby say I've got her crazy
Ever since that party at the rex, I locked down her hart in cardiac arrest
now the boy got a wifey and the wifey wanna ring
coz she wanna be his wife, but the boy had it right
that you just ain't ready, its too early in ya life
But whatever the weather that boy will have her ever


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