[Intro: Lupe talking]
Yeah, revenge, now what we gonna do right now, a ha ugh, is gonna try a little experiment, just a little experiment, you know what I'm saying, a little science project, you know what I'm saying, I like to call it

You you you, yes let the words woo you
till you woozy.
Let the lyrics subdue you,
massage and sooth you,
move you till conscience lose you.
Lu now rules you,
you do what Lu do and you'll do beautiful.
I'm the meanest.
You the meanest?
I'm the meanest
and I mean this.
now I don't mean this
to sound fiendish,
but I'm a genious.
You a genious?
And the cleanest.
Never seen this
as clean as
my cleanest.
From on top,
from underneath,
from behind
or in between.
I'm a hustler creeping with my hat low.
Niggas know I pack so,
what they gonna do that for?
Niggas got my back though
like answering the back door.
Catch you I'm a slap you, leave you redder than the bat phone.
With a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Mixed with a little bit of pimp,
and a little bit of mac
and a little bit of limp
and a whole lotta gangster lean.
I can't be seen.
I ain't the King, but a nigga is strengthening
to paint the scene
and take the thing over
like a soldier caught in a polo gather hood like a cobra nigga thank a teen

Switch nigga, this is how I got it, I switch like hydraulic cars, switch like the barge nigga. Switch.[Background]
[Interlude: Lupe talking]
Aight, now remember that, that's a, that was a part of the experiment. I had to set it up so. So don't worry I know what your thinking, I was thinking the same thing. Just, just follow me ok. Watch, ok. Come on now.

Murder niggas,
step on my shoes I hurt a nigga.
Kill a nigga.
Fill a nigga with holes.
Call women hoes.
Hold up niggas, hold up hoes.
Break the calm, dead in they bombs.
Blow up niggas, blow up hoes.
Turn around, smack they moms.
Heal niggas.
Educate and build niggas
and still they niggas is real
to respect women.
Treat'em like they real,
they fell nigga.
Watch the birds,
watch Dr. Phil nigga.
Chill nigga.
go learn a skill nigga.
Rims, Mercedes Benz, twenties, twenty-twos, twenty-fours, rolls, gold, platinum watches, cases of more.
Gucci, rubis, mansions, models, VIP, Ferraris, chinchillas, diamond rings, change, Range Rovers, bling bling.
Niggas bust his trains.
Pocket full of change.
Dimes, quarters, taking orders,
delivering pizzas
and conditionles beaters.
Hand-me-down sneakers.
Wannabe models won't show me love
and I can't get in the club.

Switch nigga, this is how I got it, I switch like hydraulic cars, switch like the barge nigga. Switch.[Background]
[Interlude: Lupe talking]
Ha, it getting good right? Yeah, aight, so check this out. Now go back to the first one, aight, run back to that one. We're going to have a little bit more fun with that one, aight. You ready? Aight. Come on.

Hey hey hey, it's coming back to you.
Lu no longer rules you.
You can do what you do.
Back to your usual.
It's official.
It's official.
I'm official,
as officials
who got the stripes
and the flags
and the whistles
Whistle and watch my niggas come
from the underground,
just like Thriller play Bambi
and you gonna hear that double sound.
They can't touch the sound
that I'm busting now.
It's like a cloud trying to touch the ground.
Tough and bound, ever since we're touching down.
Jealous niggas catch your feelings cuz I'm hustling now.
They be hating.
They be hating.
What? What? What?
They be hating.
Don't give them stage
What's a nigga supposed to tell them when they up in my face then?
That you got a cousing that don't mind catching cases.
Busting niggas' heads in, slapping niggas' faces.
And he a do it.
He a do it.
He a do it.
And I'll prove it.
Cuz I didn't seen it.
You didn't seen it?
I'd a seen it.
He the meanest.
Ho, ho, ho. Wait.
I mean it,
I thought you were the meanest,
That's why this thing is fiendish.
Right, now.

[Outro: Lupe talking]
Yeah, experiment done. I think that was a goody, I think that was a good experiment, I think that was nice. It's a nice little science project.
Switch Nigga, I got it switch like hydraulic cars, switch like the barge nigga. Switch.[Background]
Haha! Revenge! Shoutouts to my homies at asylum. What up? Yeah.

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