Lupe Fiasco:
Read my lips, clarinet, talk that walk, pair of steps
Two shots, parachutes, two drops, pair of troops
New drops, wearin' roofs, full bloom, bearin' fruits
Full moon put the where in wolves', apparently put it in the air and shoot
Heirlooms that's what I leave, heirlooms that's how I weave
They don't care to you and that's hair to you, this what I breathe
I'm the heir apparent from a pair of parents
Taught me that sharin's carin' so I spread the bread out
That's what I need
To get in heaven that's when I bleed, get in hell when I breathe...
Get it? Inhale, when I breathe
Maybe you'll get it when I breathe, there's levels to this shit
And there's devils on the level of this bitch
We all ball even the devil gotta pitch
You fly so that's red bull and a fish
You can have that, that's complimentary
True story, documentary
Ninja Turtle, sewer side
Though continentally West Side

I'm just riding around town crown of thorns on my head
Living till I'm dead, yeah
Show your respect
(Bow down to the nigga with the horns on his head)
(Everything red)
(Show no respect)

I'm King James with a blunt lit, my name ring like a phone call
It's only right that you meet defeat, I guess that's protocol
Soulo ho, oh God, Lord knows like you never said yes
Success, I'm on the verge-in, like I never had sex
You upset as fake breasts, but don't stress, it looks good on you
He couldn't get it understood, so I stood on him
Food and liquor, in my belly, of the beast but you knew already
I used to complain until planes I flew already
Now I'm ready, amen, like one guy I'm so heavy
Let's say tons, that's blasphemy, with eight guns, keep your machete
Young mind, fuck the world, that's an orgy with an OG
Ironically, when you're high as me you, won't need floor seats
This flow here for King Rich I won't stop 'till my team's richer
Mind, body and spirit on top of the dollar, spinnin'
My optimism is why I'm in this position
You pray, I prey, it's just that I'm a lion bitin' his victim

Ab-Soul & Lupe Fiasco:
Pay homage, I ain't gotta plan it to play with comets
Save your comments, trigger finger make you vomit
Egghead just makin' omelets to move the chickens like Reaganomics
This world so damn ugly I won't put make-up on it, just bein' honest
Keys on us like dope dealers, open doors for the lost souls
Ring on keys like Swizz Beatz, to make sure a nigga never lost those
Amateurs get locked out, we janitors with the mops out
Clean house, I used to wanna be the GOAT but I'm the Ox now
Rap like I went to Oxford with bastards, threw Glocks on 'em
Red and blue, now the cops on 'em, ayy nigga
Hell yeah, you, with them dots on him, infraredin' you
Intellectual like Inspectah Deck, protect your neck from Lu
Cause we the children of the night!
Of the livin' dead lookin' for some light
I got some lean up in my Sprite
I call it the Jesus Juice, Lu, what would Jesus do? Whoo!

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