Verse 1:
If only I could read your mind
I could heal your broken heart
I could mend you when you're falling apart

I wanna love you
I wanna care
But there's not a thing that I can do
Not until you say that you want me there
And that you want me to love you forever
I know it's what you want
Though it's easy to say that you don't

I know you want to
Girl, I know you want to
I'm not ashamed to say to you
You're all I've ever wanted
I know you want to
Girl, I know you want to
So turn around, come to me now
Is it worth it all if there's no love

Verse 2:
I hear your heartbeat
I feel you shiver
And in the stillness of the night
I can hear the angels saying to me
"She wants to love you
She wants to care
But she's so afraid of a broken heart
She's afraid to fall
Will someone be there?"

Well I'll pick you up
And ooh put you together
I know it's what you want
Though you constantly say that you don't

Repeat Chorus

Do you spend every moment
Trying to hide out
From the way you know you truly feel
And is it really real? know
How can you keep denying
That you really love me
You can try to fool somebody else
But you're lying to yourself

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