So close to paradise, but closer than I should be
It-s like I-m along for the ride, it happened unexpectedly
Promised myself that I wouldn-t ever love again
But you make me feel something, my mind-s always on you
I was standing in the rain (I thought about you)
I was riding on the train (I thought about you)
Feeling high like I seem to do
Every time I think about you
Saw two lovers start to kiss (I thought about you)
Had to hold back the tears (I thought about you)
Other girls no more exist
All because I think about you
Nothing seems to help, I don-t even know myself
I-m trying not to think of you, but a heart does what it wants to do
Pass you by, see you smile and I must admit I get
So emotional, I think I-m falling for you
Bought a pillow for my room (I thought about you)
Heard Alicia sing a tune (I thought about you)
It sends my rocket to the moon
Every time I think about you
Right from this heart of mine (I thought about you)
I wanted you every time (I thought about you)
What I feel is so divine
And it-s all because I think about you
But I-m constantly reminded
Reminded that you-re only someone who I-d like to know
You don-t know me, you-re my private fantasy
You-re with me, constantly in my mind
Had a lovely day today (I thought about you)
Wasn-t hard to get through (I thought about you)
Seems to happen easily
Every time I think about you
Took a walk with myself (I thought about you)
Wish it could-ve been with you (I thought about you)
But every star in the sky came out for me
And it-s all because I think about you

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