[Mac Dre]
Cause I'm the Chevy man
The Chevy man?
Yes, I'm the Chevy man
[Lil Bruce]
I'm a Ford man
Mob in my old school because I can
I'm a Ford man
Tryin to figure eight with a blunt in my hand

[VERSE 1: Mac Dre]
My partner got a ElCo, my homie got a 'Maro
He Mexicano, might rock a sombrero
My cuzzo got a Mali' sittin on Rally's
He candy green, might've seen him in the Valley
My uncle got a Imp', he a pimp
96 in the flow when he hide behind a tint
My auntie got a 'Vette so tight she might wreck
My cuddy got a candy Nova, he hella wet
My granny got a 'Burban, not an Excursion
Gramps got a Silverado, Stepside version
My nigga Nate got a C-28
And if the rollers get behind him, boy, he finna shake
My folks got a glasshouse and when he mash out
I crack the heem and pull the grass and the hash out
Catch Dre in a trey, revvin it
Please believe it, I'm always Chev'in it


[VERSE 2: Lil Bruce]
I hit the California coast in a California Mustang
Shelby drop-top so hot on them gold thangs
I get the thumbs up, I like that old school Ford
I got the 64 Falcon, all original, restored
Sports coupe Sprint, not a ding or a dent
390 V8, you didn't know they made them
With my XR-7 70 work convertable
429 Cobra Jet unservable
I'm a Ford man, never bored, man, I got collection
Smash on a Chevy, then I smoke the intersection
Give us a parking lot and let the sideshow commence
Young niggas lose on the impounds and dents
High speeds, I knows all about em
Old school veteran, Lil Bruce straight clownin
I slap my shit on low and let the rollers feel my pan
They know they can't see me cause I be the Ford man


[Lil Bruce]
This is high speed chase play, I'm first on race day
I'm at the stoplight with my cutthroat Mac Dre
[Mac Dre]
I'm at the light on slicks pushin on the throttle
SS 400 small rock Monte Carlo
[Lil Bruce]
69 Falcon lights squarer than my first hoe
427 with the fo' on the flo'
[Mac Dre]
Yeah, you lookin hella clean and kinda mobby
But my gears snatch quick with this 12 valve Posie
[Lil Bruce]
Yeah, I like your Caddy but I'ma blow your do's
I got the 750 double pump Holly on flows
[Mac Dre]
( ? ) lifters, B&M shifter
Nitrous oxide make the Chevrolet swifter
[Lil Bruce]
Trick flowin hearse with the nitrous burst
Make the sports coupe fly and the Chevy boys cry
[Mac Dre]
I got ported aluminum heads, I'm hella fast
Your Ford's in my rearview, I'm seein checker flags

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