Dolllalala Lots Of Paper
Dolllalala Lots Of Paper
Preppy Pimp Crestside Rider
Worth 150's And Top Siders
Whoops Upside Her Head If She Comes Short
read Im A Gunfolk Yea Im A CutThroat
Backwood Burner
Mack And Murder
I Pack The Squirter When I Blap The Squirter
Fools Gon Fall Like Tall Timber
Killin Off The Whole Gang All Members
Come In Her Never Magnum
She Better Have Them Or Im Never Stabbin
Whatever Happened To The Girl From The South
Suck A Dick So Good They Called Her Pussy Mouth
Pussy's Foul But The Heads A Plus
If I Put Her In Heels And A Little Make Up
And Hit Vegas Will She Make Us
Dollalalala Lots Of Paper

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