[Mac Dre]
As the world turns, these are the days of our lives...
So it be told, so it was said... so it was read
Put the kids to bed...

I must warn ya... before I spit this next shit
Parental discretion is strongly suggested
One night I was grindin', out in the rain
Rollers caught me slippin', took a dive in the game
Caught five and some change, shipped to high desert
That's when I met him, this nigga Edgar
This nigga Edgar was cool, soon became my relly
We formed a tight bond, he was more than a celly
Shared with him pictures of me wife and kids
It wasn't no thang, shit, he showed me his
Didn't know he was a fake, a cheesecake
But the story unfolds on Edgar's release date
Edgar went to my house, bumped my bitch
Slept in my bed, and played with my kids
Ain' that a bitch? - I didn't trip, have fun
Just let me talk to my daughter, and my son
Every six-hundred, don't like it no more
And I don't think you really should be callin' no more
Oh no, I'ma have to murder
My dear wife, I'ma have to hurt her
It was a cold gloomy day when I got parole
Caught my man with the powder then I scored me some blow
Then I sat and I drank, got high as Eddie Cane
Prayed to the Lord and went and got my thang
Went to this fool house, in my pick-up
The kids get out at 2:00, someone will have to pick up
Then sure enough, up they rolled
Never in my life has my blood ran so cold
I didn't care, nor did it matter
It's murder when you fuckin' with my morals and standards...
My morals and standards... my morals and standards...

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