Out of the dark depths of my mind - Omnipotent
It crawls, it creeps and than intones its chant
So vile and vicious it appears - Looks like a freak
It must be time for me to let it speak
Even my brain is on the rot - And putrefies
The vermin make their way out through my eyes

Maybe I will not slay it all - Am I to blame
It's really something that I cannot tame
The Melog in my mind died when we met
You scratched the ME out of my head
Maybe you have not said it all - You're not to blame
We've never set any rules to our game

Stare at the monster crumbling into dust
Perilous thougts of bliss and lust
The vision comes and strikes again - This is our curse
It says we're only dust in the Universe

Cheirodon in his abyss would not believe
His realm is just an ash in galaxies
A pilot fish swimming among the whales
A supernova at cosmos scale

Tell me that I'm not to blame
Take me - Life is your game

Cutting off an organic cell, spreading its parts
Imagine Mars is only just a quark
Gathering these elements I rehearsed
I feel like dust in the Universe

Tell me that I'm not to blame
Take me back to your game

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