No one could ever feel the pain that rules inside my heart
I look around and see the stains of my companions' blood

Ruined wedding on a water wing I will avenge
Sotalia brandishing your ring I'll seek revenge

They've killed my brothers and my bride
How could I keep my mind
Their bodies lying on my side fill me up with the might

The souls of my defeated folks I will avenge
Track down the evil and his Lords and seek revenge

Prophecies and tales
Secrets of the whales
Dreams of Mars they wrote my fate
I must go and soon
Reach the second moon
Revenge lies beyond the gate

No need to teel me what to do it's really clear to me
It looks like nothing's really new it's just what has to be

Betrayed keepers of the Harp I will avenge
Take back our power from the shargs and seek revenge


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