New Print all flows yeah, this is straight real right here man
This ain't a diss record, it's not about controversy
It's not about hype it's not about beef, this bout me and my nigga
You know, this goes out to my nigga wherever you are

I sit back and reminisce, how we use to write rhymes in the lab
Both of us broke, scribbling lines on a pad
Struggling, just to make rent
Most of the time hopeless, trying to make our hope stretch
Similar to how our hustle, makes this dope stretch
Trying to make this thing work, cause all we had was team work
As soon as the money came, that's when I seen the greed lurk
And I ain't saying it's a money thing, but peeping out the scene it hurt
The average nigga, would of been done dissed ya
But I peeped out the issue, then I seen the big picture
Cause I remember, when they was hating on your flow and I would defend it
As if we was twins, that was joined at the appendix
If they'd start it, I would always end it
Because you was a nigga, I befriended back at Mimic's
We was both dope
But you acted like you was the cook up, and I was only powder
Just cause at the shows, they screamed your name a lil' louder
But shit that don't matter, we was both on the product sure you was hotter
And had a higher street value, but nigga we was partnas

You was my nigga, my ace my dog
My partner in rhyme, I was with you all the time
You was my nigga, if you didn't get no bigger
But soon as you got figgas, it's like you turned and switched up
And looking back, it's just a mix up
He say she say, but still I peeped some big stuff
But nonetheless, I ain't mad I'm in my cool zone
I had to take some time to reflect, before I move on

I remember, just as if it was yesterday
You, Trav and G-Dash came through to discuss the pay
And it was talks about, how you want to get mo' money for the shows
Just cause you had some folk, running for your flows
And I'm like yeah that's cool, I can agree with that
But at the same time, where do you see millions at
And you was like whatever we charge, I want a grand up
And I remember thinking, man this nigga should do stand up
Cause this dummy, is funny
Like I wasn't in the lab with him, bummy and hungry
Every week at my T. Lady, bumming for money
Trying to stretch that, from Monday to Sunday
Man you can't be serious
Peep how whack my life is, like I ain't make no sacrifices
Like I ain't drop out of school, to pursue my dreams
Only to have them dreams crushed, by own home team
So you could imagine, I'm agitated by now
Cause truthfully speaking, I would of gratuated by now
And that's the cold hearted fact, I gotta try to live wit
But chalk it up to the niggas, that I chose to deal with


And contrary, to what you think
I ain't have shit to do with the fact, that Koopa is dissing you
But if you think that, then maybe the truth is just hitting you
Cause either way, you did me devious partna
But I should of known, by how you did your previous partnas
You did me, more greasy than pasta
I was like naw this can't be the same Jones, he's an imposter
Cause the Jones I know, wouldn't show his greed if he prospered
Even Watts had to tell you that, this ain't how it go
Even Daz said you basically, was kicking me off the show
Now I'm thinking about how, that funny skit go
Cause you know that ain't street, I know that ain't street
We know that ain't street, matter fact that was sweet
Cause a real street nigga, will make sure his dog eat
Especially off of some'ing, that he put half the work in
It's like somebody took my dog, and substitute this jerk in
You was humble, but now-a-day's you bragging
We would hang like two titties, but now-a-day's we sagging


Yeah, I had to do that before I moved on man
And there you have it man, it's off my chest
I ain't do this to diss my nigga man, I still cut for the boy
You know I'm tal'n bout, but I just had to let ery'body know man
There's a lot of misconception going on, that I ain't grinding
I ain't hustling, nigga I'm a hundred percent grind
Hundred percent hustle, you know I'm saying
A lot of people coming back like, Mike Jone said
You was gon come to the show, but you decided not to come
Or people come back like, he said
Magno don't be on his grind, he don't be hustling
I done heard it from two or three, four or five people
From different towns, different cities
I know they don't know it's trouble, you know I'm saying
Ain't got nothing to do what Chamillion said on the Mixtape
A lot of this stuff, it been going on way before that
You know I'm saying, if you don't see
If Ma-if Mike Jones come to your show, and Magno ain't wit him
The real reason why, cause he ain't wanna break the bread down 50-50
He ain't wanna break it down 60-40, he wanted the whole thang
You know I'm saying, and at the time most of these promoters
You know they older, they don't really ju-they don't just
Know all the rappers, they just know what they hear
And that being that he was the bigger name, you know
They all called for him, but as a real nigga
He could of easily took me, cause he know we both made that album
But he was like hey, if I can't have at least 80 percent
Or the bulk of it, hey it was all or nothing
So basically, he basically kicked me off the show
You can ask anybody in the camp, they may not vouch
But he basically kicked me off the show, you know I'm saying
So I'll just let all my fans know hey, I ain't capping
I got love for all y'all who stayed down wit your boy, you know I'm saying
Holla at me, Magnounderscoremusic man
I'ma keep it all the way real, it ain't no plex I still got love
But I still gotta get shit straight though
Magno ya heard, Wildlife Records, New Print all flows

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