Yeah, it's your boy Magnificent
AKA Magno, shouts out to my boys
J and Nick, off in that Austin baby
We putting it down, you know I'm saying
Major Without A Major Deal finna drop
We acting bad baby, Swisha House
Swisha Blast, check it

I know I'm out of line, when I'm fronting and shit
Acting like you ain't the one I'm with, or the one I hit
When I pull up, in front of them chicks
Name plate in front of the six, on the real
I could pull up in a Geo, and snag these hoes
The white girls love me, like Leo Dicaprio
But uh, I'm just out here to snag these O's
I tell these hags back back, like my name Lil O
I got a lil' loot, but I want a lil' mo'
And I never let a dumb hoe linger
I don't fuck with ugly hoes, I give them the Mutumbo finger
I'm a Conroe to Monroe swinger
When I stop, watch them dubs slow down
Trunk slam like a gavel, by Judge O. Brown
I got them caramel, and fur chose now
I don't fuck, I just hug hoes now
All this cause I bust flows now, god damn

Listen up..

All I gotta do, is grin at chicks
And I can pull a bad Latina, like my name Ben Afflick
But I'm just trying to sip gin, that's it
And you running up talking bout I'm fronting, man end that shit
I'm tired of trying, to persuade you hoes
I just switch you like records, by DJ Larose
Can't let a hoe, delay my O's
I'm too busy trying to make y'all, replay my flows
If I'm not in your face, that don't mean I'm fronting
Buy Crys' by the case, that don't mean I'm stunning
It's like, you trying to look for something
I guess I got you hooked or something
They don't call me Magnificent for nothing, but I know one thing
I'm not significant for fronting, holla back
Once you realer than your act, and maybe then
You can get Chinchilla on your back, you know the number

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