It's Magno on a old school beat, 22's on a old school fleet
You ain't a Cadillac Mag, I could tell by them hoes you meet
Girls love me cause the flow's unique, it's no competition
Don't even try to rap Mag, we rock fitted's now
Throw away that snap back, if it's a Mag track then you know that's money
That's a hardwood classic, not a throwback dummy
In Denver Colorado, with a Colfax honey
Like a nose I got a flow that's runny, yeah
You know me, I'm down to choke and beat a hater
That's if I lose my cool, like a broke refrigerator
Y'all niggas think y'all muffle, till I break y'all face into pieces
Like a jigsaw puzzle, hoes ease my brain like a cheap psychiatrist
I got they voice breaking up, like cingular wireless
I cock back, and let that weaponry go
Your flows tacky, outdated like That 70's Show
Magnificent that kid, that's destined to blow
Collecting the do', put that Smith-N-Wess to your throat
Either take a deep swallow, or three hollows
Choose wisely, I treat you cats like Ron Isely
Left between the sheets, when I bust that 3-8
Got your mom's crying a river, like Justin T-lake
So go ahead, just admit I'm best
'Fore I put this chrome to your pipe, like an emission test
You ain't even 'pose, to been a roller
Dealing with Mag, chiefs get bagged like groceries at Kroger's
I got the cutest broads, I pull up with model chicks
That's taller, than NBA shooting guards
But Magno's, playing the point
I assist her with dick, and then we blazing a joint
I keep on displaying the point, that I'm the coldest
I'm the joystick, I control this
That's why your ex, still wanna page
My album gon sell, like X pills at a rave
The Rookie of the Year, gon make a mill in a day
If it don't, I'm making mills from the game
I never beg for pennies, think different
Better scramble, like some eggs at Denny's
I got that chrome and that lead, to tempt me
I'ma squeeze, till your head is empty
Magnificent spit that real, and make a jerk nervous
People sleeping on your flows, like church service
Cause you worthless, who messing with Mag
Keep talking, you'll be missing a dad
Matter fact you'll be missing a moms, you get abused for joking
My balls so big, they could be used for bowling
And I don't mean to seem ferocious
My click exterminate, but I don't mean for roaches
I got lines, like a operator
Might go to Oakland, and just cop the Raiders
You just don't know man, I'll pop a hater
You got some do' man, but my knot is greater
Then nod your head, in a slow bob
I hate working, but I will take a blow job
It's Magno, I keep wrecking the flow
That's why your boy, collecting the do'
I step in the room ice chain, Mike got the ice mouth
You might see us on T.V., the ice house
A street flavor, we got that street flavor
haters wanna hate, but them stats beat haters, yeah

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