Magno ya heard, Rookie of the Year baby
Coming soon, uh, Collection Plate
For them girls that be bopping mayn
When they see the slabs, they be like
(oooh-aah-ahhhh), uh

When I pull up in that slab, she like
When she see the rims spin, she like
When she see that fifth recline, she like

Already mayn, check it, uh

I wreck the mic, and get mo' cells gains
So remember I bring the lemons, like Coatenell Hanes
I keep my hoes run train, nice slab
Dick game on point, I ain't gotta have nice abs
I bust a flow, and make the whole state smile
Plus the chicks, love my colgate smile
I grab the mic, and then I flow eight miles
Now I'm picking up the do', cause I'm switching
Up the flow, and I can go eight styles
She love the whip, plus the motorcycle sick
I don't fuck with dirty birds, like Michael Vic
I ain't surprised, that the bitch like my dick
She damn near nutted on my book dog, the bitch like my whip

Uh, yeah, check it


Got her bopping already, holla

I pull up, and let the neighborhood watch
My garage got more prowlers, than the neighborhood watch
Screens lit, TV macks in the dash
Want a table in they headrest, you niggaz need bed rests
Wait a sec, do you know
The boy that could hop in the slab, and connect the Juno
Magno the numero uno, I flow for chips
More bikes, than a episode of CHIPs holla


Holla back yeah, yeah

Besides the rims, she love the gold trim
She on dick, and she ain't trying to jump off like Lil' Kim
Try to jack, I slide that pump off and peel ten
I gotta keep it at the condo, it got everything like gumbo
Plasma T.V., MP's up in the console
That's reason for the gun blow, but geez it get her blowed
And just to think, cause my chops is higher
She don't mind acting bad, on my Oscar Meyer, picture that


She ready to hop in the whip
That's how it be baby, boppers everywhere
Nation wide, yeah, Magno ya heard
Rookie of the Year, Swishahouse, Swisha Blast
Magno aka Magnificent, 1st Round Draft Picks coming soon

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