Tell me what you want (ooh)
Tell me what you want (ooooh)
Just tell me what you want (ooh)
Tell me what you want (ooh-oh)
Tell me what you want (ooh)
Tell me what you want (ooooh)

[Hook - 2x]
Tell me what you want from me
Take a look, at what you see
Let me know, if this right here
Is something, you can have all year

Magno the kid, they wanna see you doing good
ugk style, with the diamond in your wood
And I'm rhyming in the hood, and I'm trying to make it out
So I'm trying to take the route, with good timing if I could
Dropped in the beamer, popped the top on the Zima
Popped up in the arena, with a top notch diva
Bitch talk sick, then you gon pop out heaters
Don't bar getting locked, like a hot block bleeder
I use to floss through the women
Now I stay down like toilet seats, in a house full of women
Paid the cost for the lenin, Parasuko's
Everyday new clothes, getting tossed in the Bentley
Magno know that best, I'm getting hard
Looking at you, in your Astro's throwback dress
Matching pin well fitted, Gucci lens still tinted
Lex Coupe outside,and the Benz still kitted, tell me

[Hook - 2x]

Hopped out the big body, felt like something new
Hopped in the new blue, O2 Mazaratti
Ice on my body, I can't be stank
I'd rather make these hoes faint, with the Isi-miaggi
Dick in your body, just respect you
They get clicked with the shotty, aim with the tech
I'm never missing they body, it's only right
You spend your lonely nights, trying to lick me and slob me

Yeeeeah, oooh
Even if you're not with me

[Hook - 3x]

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