In this strange world we have to live in
Protected by some taken granted by all
Time honoured thoughts end disapproving
With all dominions ever ready to fall
You won't beat the pack that's no revelation
Come snapping their jaws right on your heels
Making your way through all this confusion
The harder you try the less it reveals
I know what happens the moment you turn out your light
I know what happens it happens to me every night
You start to breakdown
You're gonna crucify yourself you're lost
When you get pushed round
Another refugee to bear the cross
Now every course blighted by answers
Acutely profane no help in this brawl
And from the mouths that never felt hunger
Comes no deliverance just a timely withdrawal
What of your thoughts not yet discovered
Along with the fears they'll both play their part
You'll work it out then run for cover
The truth will arrive like a bolt through your heart

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