When you find yourself in a field of dreams
But you're all played out and you can't believe
When you're all alone in the darkest night
And the wind blows hard, you don't want to fight

So you ask yourself, now you've come this far
'cause you can't look back, don't know where you are
But you carry on in this world of pain
Knowing very well it's a tearful game

The beginning to the end
What we borrow, what we lend

We contemplate the past
We all remember well
It's disappearing fast
But only time will tell
Ask yourself anyway
You can't lose, come what may
Now desperate times have come
They fall on everyone

When you've lost your way in the pouring rain
And you can't see how you'll get back again
When there's no one there, when you switch the light
So you settle down to the longest night

Now the day goes by but the time goes slow
And this emptiness, it won't let you go
But you can't give up when the cold wind blows
'cause it's not in vain, everyone knows

You just keep waiting, nowhere to hide
Now how does it feel here tonight?

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