I'll tell you something
About the things that you should know
And you'll learn as you grow and in turn

Be one step further
Along the road to realise
There's no rules bad advice many fools

First class performance
To fill the lines of empty heads
There's still hope for the dream but you don't

Embrace disorder
It will chill you from inside
And destroy everything that you try
Innocent faces look up in the classroom
Soon their time will come

So beware the skillful disguises
It's too easy to dress up in white
For this world can be full of surprises
From the glitter a kingdom looks nice
You're learning there's no returning

This final blunder
For which they all expect our thanks
They will hide from the kill to survive

The great disaster
They'll take great care and will avoid
Being there 'cause it's more than they dare

Don't be fooled by a shining appearance
It gets tarnished in time don't we all
Hey'll be wearing their wealth on their fingers
And instructing us all how to fall
You're learning there's no returning

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