Don't invite the vicious companions
Though they're always at your side
Only waiting to take you a ride

Feel the creature rise inside you
With misguided ill intent
Look around it's your only defence

On and on the story goes
Where it leads to we all know
What you give is what you get
What you give is what you get

See the hungry cry for the children
Watch the greedy call for more
And the self ordained proceed to shut the door

When the needy run from the table
For they know there's nothing there
Hoping one day will somebody care

We've gotta be good gotta be strong
The final approach is taking too long
Too late in the day when everything's gone

Now the villain he may prosper
And the thief might do as well
With amusement their crimes they dispel

All the promises they've broken
And the hearts they have betrayed
End to end they are carefully laid

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