Don't you know oh i am not that kind a girl

A cinderella girl that appears in fairy tales
After midnight, i come back to my home, forgive me
Returning back into a common 19 years old
Gazing ath the thrown off high heels, repeating again
The self that's not a child nor an adult

You don't know
That a tip-toeing me is here
Wearing that glass slippers again even after dreaming with a cowardly heart
Not that kind a girl

I'm sorry, turning back and worrying about time
Showing pride by aiming for perfection
Too scared to get hurt but now
I met you and retrieve my own self back
The self that's not a child nor an adult

Able to be honest again
I'm always in your eyes
When tomorrow comes, just a day with you can change me
Not that kind a girl

Oh i please take me there
No need to ask baby let's get things together
Look for the starlight
Don't let me down
You're all that i need
"don't let me down baby"

I don't think i'm afraid to take a new step one more
Higher than what you are give you all that i have
So come with me for me
You know i won't give it up 'cause
I'm not that kind a girl

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