I find out there’s no one, no one on playground
So if you fall rise again, don’t stay down
Don’t you think I’m joking
Welcome, the door we open
If you’re ?, surely find your way around it

Good things not promised it’s a fight
As long as you are blind then your future can be bright
Ayy ‘cause nobody knows what the future hold
So what you do is be pass it and things that now you signed
Don’t forget the past but focus on the future
High on a dream like Martin Luther
The youth they ? it if they find out enough
The young ? my brothers then my live life love
Oh yes I’ve been through it
So what I'm telling you to do, just do it
Because I knew it
Life’s not easy, non-tall
But you can be the one that don’t fall
The summer, I’m for one, oh I’m for love

How long before we see that love’s the only way
And through the struggles that we juggle it will be okay
Are we immune to what is true? The message on the air
Was short to confusing, take my light out of my day
We lose some power and it’s hard to find the way
But it’s so simple to supply it
Our bodies but we starve our soul
Try to escape but there’s nowhere to go
In the land of make believe, focused on the wrong thing
Ain’t half of what you see like here’s the enemy

Some is ordering to mothering
Old fashion to ?
If this was a guest it took no other
Gots me, I got tired of chew life up my limy island
So who no like it then can ask that be suicidal
Get true to me and true to yourself
Respect me if you not view yourself
Why wanna do to me, why you want to lose yourself?
Nothing is so stable, all lucid and data
Your life start on to amaze me, like fine but don’t be lazy

If you fall, no you can stay down
People are moving, find your way around
If you fall, no you can stay down
People are moving, find your way around

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