You must have met a friend of mine called Algie
That's his name
He dines out at the Carlton all the week
He's an awfully clever scholar
He's beautiful at science
And his algebra is simply magnifique

Of course, he don't know much about the world and girls and all
But his mathematics nobody can beat
If you want to know how much you owe
He'll tell you like a shot
He's a simply useful sort of chap to meet

And if he meets that lady,
He calculates just what she'd like to be
He adds on several winters plus a summer and a spring
And multiplies the blooming lot by three

Cause Algie's simply awfully good at algebra!

He's really awfully smart
He knows everything by heart
You'll ask him out to dinner, if you'll just take my advice
It's then his power for seeing things becomes awfully nice

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