We walked those streets until we were too
Drunk to know which corner to turn
Driving ourselves into delirium
I then emerged with a message of
Seduction for Mr Satie
Paris, the scent of dreams
Perfume is the Jazz drenched scent of this city
We will wreck this world
And bring back those forgotten desires
Building a house you cannot fall in love in
It's getting late, very late, almost dawn
I must go home
The flowers prepare to take their revenge
And as they die theyraise a fanfare
Bye bye, bye bye
Desperately searching and trying
To grasp a last kiss
A most erotic death occurs inside of me
Filling her room with all the flowers she can find
She commits the ultimate erotic suicide
The marriage was prepared
The roses fanfare announce the awesome moment
Swooning, dying.. her hands pressed
Tighter and tighter to her heart
She was gasping, opening her mouth,
Searching for the kiss
which was to smother her

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