I realized life was made to love and being loved
To kiss and hug, or even playing a simple chord
Something moves each step I take,
Something tells me my love dreams ain't fake
Is it love?

You mustn't know, but you make me fell pretty fine
And you realize, this is for you, it's your lines

Its holiday, I'm watching the waves and the surfers
This felling stowsaway, but it strongly craves for your lips
Something moves their boards
Something tells me: Keep on playing simple chords
Oh, is it the sea?
Is it you and me?

Please don't kiss any other girl
You've said you had, I got sad, cause I didn't know
It was just a joke were you just teasing me?
But my heart broke or was it the truth I didn't want to see?

Cause sualk isn't love
It isn't you and me
It ain't nothing above
The beauty of the sea

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