Some day you're going to be sorry
For making me sleep in the yard.
I came to you right off of the road,
Hungry and cold and tired.
You fed me a bowl of your good soup,
And I didn't take that so hard,
But when it came night and the town got dark,
You made me sleep in the yard.

You was sleepin in your cozy bed
With sheets and a clean pillow case,
While I slept out there on that canvas cot
With an alley cat to take your place.

You didn't want me to sleep in the house,
You said I was dirty and smelled like a mouse.
I washed up last week when I fell in the creek,
But you made me sleep in the yard.
When I get to be a rock and roll star,
With diamond jeans and a golden guitar,
I won't even wonder where you are,
Cause you made me sleep in the yard.

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