I want to ride on the black horse,
The black horse, the black horse.
Daddy, put me up on the black horse,
'Cause he's the one for me.

Oh, the black horse lives on the merry-go-round
That plays a marching song,
And it's just like being in a big parade
That goes on all day long.
The music starts and away we go,
And the black horse gallops and the rest go slow,
'Cause he's the one in the very front row,
And he's the one for me.

Oh, the white horse is a beautiful horse
But he doesn't gallop at all,
And the little red wagon's only made
For children very small.
But people come from all over town
To see the black horse go up and down,
And I wave my hat when we come around,
And he's the one for me.

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