Do you have youth and joy on display
In your January specials sale today?
Blouses and dresses fall from our hands,
Not one sales girl understands
What we're looking for from store to store,
Something we had long before.
We couldn't afford the things we saw,
Blouses and dresses and so much more,
And all the time we were holding then,
Riches without end.
Youth and tears and kisses and hope
And a treasure of time to spend.

Do you have youth and joy for sale?
That's what we're looking for.
We pick up the scarf and we try on the hat
But we know, we know, that nothing like that
None of your stock had magic enough,
To turn back the mirror's clock.
No matter what our purses hold,
Credit cards of the purest gold,
What we're asking can not be found
In any shop in town.
We leave the store with a tired sigh
As one more January sale slips by.

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