Look on the sunny side,
Sugar's goin up,
Sugar it will poison you,
Don't put it in your cup,
Lay off the soda pop.
Don't drink those colas,
They'll eat away your molars
And the googlies and the twinkies
Will put you on the blinkies,
Pass them by,
Also the pie.

Look on the sunny side,
The sunny honey funny bunny side.

Look on the sunny side,
Gas is out of sight.
Gasoline it fouls the air
And dims the heavenly light,
The blossoms get the blight.
You'll do much better hiking it,
Streaking it or biking it.
If an auto is required
On the job where you've been hired,
Stay at home,
Tell em you're tired.


Look on the sunny side,
Your old man left you flat.
Your old man was a nuisance,
He criticized your cat,
He wore your favorite hat.
When you felt like you were dyin
He'd split and leave you cryin,
When you did not need him there,
He'd be crawlin in your hair,
Pass him by,
Also the pie.


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