Oh the cat has a house,
And the rat has a house,
And the dog and the mouse and the flea;
And the snail has a house,
And the whale has a house,
And they all have a house but me.

Oh the pig has a pen,
There's a coop for the hen,
And the bird has a nest in the tree;
The snake has a hole,
So does the mole,
But there's no kind of place for me.

The sign on ev'ry building says,
"No children wanted here."
When I grow up the sign will say:
"Landlords kindly stay away."

Oh the cow has a house,
And the sow has a house,
And the Pentagon takes lots of scenery;
There's hangars for planes,
Roundhouses for trains,
Garages for cars and taverns for bars,
Buildings for stores with seventeen floors,
And money enough for three world wars,
But they couldn't build a house for me.

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