A little mouse got into the wires
At the central clearing house in Buenos Aires.
One little mouse short circuited the computers,
Says a press dispatch from Reuters.

Hooray for the little mouse
That mucked1 up the clearing house,
And threw the Stock Exchange in a spin
And made the bankers cry.

So much for the electronic brains,
That run the world of banks and aeroplanes,
And if one little mouse can set them all awry,
Why not you and I?

Then there was another item in the papers
About a bank's computers
That messed up the accounts
So the farmer's checks all bounced,
So his business fell apart
And it nearly broke his heart.
So he took the bank to court,
And they gave him an award
Of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
The bank appealed and on due consideration
The higher court doubled the compensation.

So if a computer does it to you,
You can sue, or chew the wires through.

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