I have a doggie, his name is Dolally,
O Dally Dolally so faithful and true.
He lives upon flipfloppers, gollywhoppers and sodapoppers,
And that makes him hop around like grasshoppers do.

We love our pets, yes we do, we do.
When they go (Woof! Woof!)
They're talking to you.

I have a kitty, her name is Miss Feedle Faddle,
O fit feedle faddle, foot feedle faddle, fair as a rose.
She lives upon livers, and mousey come hithers,
And that's why she slithers wherever she goes.

(Chorus) (Meow! Meow!)

I have a birdie, his name is MacMurdie,
O wing-feather and tail-feather and top-feather so bright.
He lives upon prinkles, and pink periwinkles,
And that's why he twinkles from morning till night.

(Chorus) (Tweet! Tweet!)

I have a donkey, his name is Old Klonkey,
O hip hoppity, klip kloppity, all over town.
He lives upon thistles, and tin penny whistles,
And that's why he whoops like a merry-go-round.

(Chorus) (Eeaw! Eeaw!)

I have a barnacle, his name is McGonigle,
O wish washery, slish sloshery, under my boat.
He lives on the boring of old teakwood flooring,
And when he is snoring he can't sing a note.

We love our pets, yes we do, we do.
When they go (Snore)
They're sleeping, of course!

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