I played the shoppers' game today (game today),
Eight lovely hours thrown away (thrown away).
Eight blessed hours down the drain (down the drain)
That I will never see again (see again).

A million dresses on the racks (on the racks)
Screaming madly for my bucks (for my bucks).
Each one wilder than the last (than the last),
Begging me not to go on past (go on past).

A thousand designers in their loft (in their loft)
Figuring how to rip me off (rip me off),
Never the simple style and cut (style and cut)
That will not make me look a nut (look a nut).

I walked on by the dazzling racks (dazzling racks)
And came home with a pair of socks (pair of socks),
Intact was my weekly pay (weekly pay)
And only eight hours thrown away (thrown away).

Little to show for my precious time (precious time)
But a pair of socks and a limping, bumping rhyme (bumping rhyme).

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