Honey, it's all I can give you of me,
You're not a person that I often see,
Think of the wonders of technology!
Here on this record is me.
Here on this record some songs I have made,
I also am one of the songbrewers trade.
Not Chicago hard but out of my yard,
What I look at I sing it on here
And I offer a mug of the beer.

The record is wrapped with my picture in view,
You give it a spin and I'm talking to you,
And I listen to you on the one that I bought,
And it catches me here by the throat.
I laugh right out loud when I listen alone.
From the mountains of vinyl that holler and moan,
I'm sure glad as hell I could single you out,
So sly and so crazy and free,
And here is a record from me.

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