I toured Japan in seven O,
But I didn't care to see the fair.
Toured and sang with the Rohon crew,
From Hokkaido to Kyushu.

They were my brothers on the way,
We sang the cities ev'ry day.
Kamijo-san made the spotlight glow.
We called him Joe.

Goodbye Takazawa-san,
Yat-chan Tat-chan, Joonko-san.
I came too late and I have to go,
Goodbye, Joe.

It isn't nice for mom to cry,
So I will smile as I say goodbye,
Flying away from Tokyo,
Goodbye, Joe.

Amplifiers and guitars
In and out of a hundred cars,
Green car fast and local slow,
Goodbye, Joe.

Little inn and big hotel,
Fifteen minutes to the starting bell,
Curtain's up and away we go,
Goodbye, Joe.

Koryama, Tochigi,
Tsuruoka, Kitami,
Osaka and Sapporo,
Goodbye, Joe.

Goodbye, Takazawa-san,
Yat-chan and Nobu-chan,
Stage is cleared for another show,
Goodbye, Joe.

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