What's small?
Small is a little bit.
What's big?
Big is a tree.
High is an elevator,
Strong is a alligator,
Robin is me.

What's big?
Big is an elephant.
What's music?
Far is an aeroplane
Long is a railroad train,
Robin is me.

What's bright?
Bright is the morning.
What's buzz?
Buzz is a bee.
Grass is a tickle, and
Round is nickel, and
Robin is me.

What's white?
White is a snow man.
What's deep?
Deep is the sea.
Sweet is the honey, and
Laugh is a funny, and
Robin is me.

What's soft?
Soft is a pillow-bed.
What's up?
Up is the sky.
Work is a hammer, and
School is a grammar, and
Robin am I.

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