It's the christ inside of me, i think silently
Reflect on the day's passed corruption in society.
I try to be that christ like type shine the light live the life, and at the end yo it's alright
For the record you get the message my second life is reborn, an anti-depressive
And traveled through my eye socket, tore out my blind optic, cross stitch biblical diagnostics
God's kids, know my crew for our love, and the way we drop it, drop it
Have you ever walked on air, i walk without care,
Marching through the valley a death without fear
The joy of the lords at my rear,
Creator of the universe lives inside here.
Plus my queen got me in her prayers, i'm blessed beyond measure,
I gave a stone heart, and he gave me back treasure,
To think i used to live my life for jeza,
The devil had me tricked i was blinded by the pleasure
Seeking life from dead things, but paper can't breath
I listened to my soul, took hold an took heedchorus:
We the child's a light rescued from the darkness
Come and live in the light with us
It's up to you when you hear that call
He died on the cross so that you he could live in yall

Verse ii
I read the word of life, i seen a burning light, shine in my atmosphere love that'll catch the tears
It's all day happiness, i travel this abroad for my god making marks on the atlas
We the child's of light we up hold what's right, yo i'm in my bed sleeping while they roll at night,
I don't roll like a wanna a fight, i ain't scared plus only weak men enjoyed being feared
In these evil times love and righteous seems weird, but it's only cause of god that my soul was spared
Now i look to the future, and i rap for yours there's still flaws i still pause, but i would die for the cause,
Cause he died for me he abides in me,
And i can't live silent

Verse iii
Visualize this man or myth the fifth element amidst your brokenness yes god exists
I've risked my life to many, times i'm feeling empty, mentally i wanna pray on for a century
Memories of my passed, and present, i look the future in the eye with a message
God is the method whether you respected
Child's a light psalms bring alarm for the wrong that's infested
And yet i found my place it surrounds my face
To find hate it can't take away my mind state
I'm living deep in a world you don't really know
To breathe life, shine light through your step

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