I was your typical white kid straight from the suburbs, when i would rhyme i just stuttered,
Hungered for this my tongue twisted back flips just to spit it
Pure critics all up in my business it all started in the basement lase the rhyme arrangement
Beats i prepared for the invasion
I never would a done it without christ the subject,
I know the truth you can't touch it
Rhyming with a reason, ain't no time for sleeping
All my brothers emceeing how you feeling
Come on

I'm feeling like i need some where to hide yo i know the feeling of pride i've been denied yo
All my brothers emcee's if you're feeling me
Open lips on the m.i.c

All my life i've been seeking it searching it
Reading in working it
The whole world's cursing it versatile lifestyle kind a different
Finger prints hit diligence rinse instruments
Chances are you don't know me ye haven't seen me
Like tv industry puppets, in underground scene
Hold for a second pause for a minute
Box religious lips, sip the vine rap ridiculous
Not the new hype, its true blue eyes, and white
Yes a hidden prototype, censored with appetite
Back stage i wrestle hyde he won't let go i've tried manafesto release the dr. jekel inside

You know the feeling when people ain't behind you
I know the feeling when they just straight deny you
Once you make it they beside you always try to find you strip you for your cash, and just ride you
The lifestyles of an mc gone famous, once he was nameless
Now on ye pages, covers stages, style contagious,
You know his faces receiving all the crowds praises
So much straining entertaining, hold my brain in,
I just jump on the stage start raging
Doing this for my people, lay down my ego
Know my stylo, harder than steel toes ill flows and concepts,
I'm manafest, on the mics righteous
Sip and digest across the continent, i got no tolerance, for fraudgilance
Release rhymes as top secret documents.

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